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Breast Enlargement Pill Ingredients

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What breast enlargement pill ingredients make up most of the popular products? Find out below.

Herbal supplements are a popular means of achieving long lasting and natural breast enlargement. Dozens of products are available for the woman seeking larger, more full breasts, but with so many options out there, how is a woman supposed to know what's actually effective, what's useless filler, and what might be potentially dangerous. Below we've broken down some of the most common ingredients and whether or not they're worth the price.

Fenugreek: It has a long history as an agent for breast growth, as it was often used in harems to encourage more feminine bodies. Fenugreek has not been proven to aid enhancement, but many women still swear by it. VERDICT: Potentially effective

Fennel Seeds: These seeds have actually been proven in labs to increase breast tissue in rats. They're associated with increased breast milk production and may help produce estrogen. VERDICT: Safe and effective

Folic Acid: This mineral is a common supplement for women's health. It may help estrogen production and female hormones. VERDICT: Safe and potentially effective

Hops: Hops are a source of phytoestrogen, which stimulates estrogen production and fluid retention in the breast tissue. It can also be used to soothe anxiety and insomnia, but can cause drowsiness. VERDICT: Mostly safe and effective

Saw Palmetto: A very common ingredient saw palmetto reduces the influences of testosterone, but hasn't been proven to stimulate breast growth. VERDICT: Safe but not effective

Selenium: Improves the lifespan of skin cells and promotes muscle and skin growth. Toxic in large doses. VERDICT: Safe and potentially effective

Vitamin A: Used for cell regeneration and renewal. It can be toxic in large doses so stick to the recommended allowance. VERDICT: Generally safe and potentially effective

Vitamin C: A generally helpful vitamin that makes skin and muscles stronger and helps promote collagen production. VERDICT: Safe and effective

Vitamin B6: This vitamin helps stimulate blood flow which can help aid breast growth. VERDICT: Safe and effective

Vitamin E: One of the most effective of the vitamins, vitamin E stimulates blood flow and the fat underneath the skin. This can help ease the appearance of stretch marks, increase skin tension, and make the breast more taut and full looking. It's best used as a topical cream but also comes in pill form. VERDICT: Safe and effective

Wild Yam: Another source of phytoestrogen, wild yam can increase human estrogen levels encouraging breast growth but has not been proven in trials. VERDICT: Safe and potentially effective

Zinc: A mineral that promotes a healthy immune system. This is not related to breast growth but as found in supplements, it can help with overall health. VERDICT: Safe, not effective.

These are some of the breast enlargement pill ingredients you will find. Research as to their efficacy is ongoing, so check back often for updates.

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