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Home Remedies for Bigger Breasts

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Countless women across the world are in search of home remedies for bigger breasts, as they are frustrated with the current size of their bosom. They are willing to try anything, but eventually find that nothing really works, and they are stuck with what they have, like it or not.

Many women turn to exercise as a means to enhance their bust size, but no matter how many chest movements they perform, the size remains the same. That is because breasts are composed of fat, not muscle. Sure you can shape and tone your pectoral muscles, but this is not going to give you larger breasts.

One of the more effective, yet potentially dangerous home remedies for bigger breasts is a high fat/calorie diet. Of course the increased weight will show in undesirable places as well, so it's probably not the best course of action.

There are also a number of different products out there such as pumps and other gizmos that claim to increase your bust size. Stay away from those...they definitely do not work. There are also creams and lotions, most of which have no effect at all. And don't get us started on hypnosis and meditation!

Basically, there are no true home remedies for bigger breasts. If you are looking to increase your bust size, you're essentially looking at two options. The first is breast augmentation surgery. The second is herbal breast enhancement.

Now obviously implant surgery is a near guarantee to make your breasts larger, however it comes with high costs, health risks, multiple procedures and more often than not, poor results. How many women do you know or have you seen in movies or magazines that actually have a natural looking boob job? Not many, right?

As such, herbal enhancement supplements might be the closest thing to home remedies for bigger breasts that you can find. Some of the higher quality products contain all natural herbal extracts that can significantly increase breast size by stimulating new growth. Although they do not work for everyone, there is a good deal of anecdotal evidence as to their efficacy. More research needs to be conducted, but so far the results are promising.

Make sure you consult with your physician before trying any home remedies for bigger breasts, augmentation surgery or natural supplements for breast enhancement.

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